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篇一:什么是成功 What is Success?

    What is the definition of success? I believe different people will have different opinions about it. If anyone asks me what is success for me, I will tell him progress is success for me. I can have small goal or great aim in my whole life. If the goal what I set is too large for me, I will not taste the feeling of success. Or I always set small goals, so I will feel success all the time, which may make me become autophilia and without ambitions. Therefore, I think if I can be better than yesterday or last time, then I am successful.

篇二:助你成功的性格 The Personality Characteristics That Make You Successful

   When we talk about those famous people, we all like to know how they succeed. Meanwhile we all admire their personal special virtues which lead them to triumph. And it is obvious that many successful people have some personality characteristics in common. As far as I concerned, I deem that persistence, prudence, confidence and courage are the most important.
   Firstly, I think persistence should come first before the other three personality characters. As we all know that a person cannot always successfully reach his aim at his first try, there are many barriers waiting for him. Therefore the person will fail many times before he gets his victory. If he doesn't persist in trying again and again and make a breakthrough, thus he will stay still, no progress. He may not move forward or even regress. A person without the personal character of persistence can’t finally succeed in getting his goal.
   Secondly, a man who wants to be successful should also own the characteristic of prudence. The inventor of the electric bulb gives a good example for explaining that. It is said that the inventor tried to use thousands kinds of metal to make electric bulb filament in order to find the most suitable metal which can let the lamp light longer and brighter. I suppose that without the very prudential work, the inventor could not triumph in the end. A self- made man should do his jobs with prudence, sometimes even should be careful doing a very trivial thing. Like when those scientists or mathematicians are dealing with a complex matter, if they make a small mistake, the efforts which they made before will be in vain. Accordingly, cautiousness is necessary.
   In addition, the self- made men all are self-confident and courageous. As the saying goes, “fortune never helps the man whose courage has failed.” Supposed that a soldier loses his confidence and gallantry to fight when he is in the field of the battle, I am sure that he does not have the fortune to survive successfully. Therefore people who want to achieve their goals in their work all should be self-confident and courageous.
   In a word, my view regarding those famous people’s success is that they persist in working hard, do their jobs with prudence, are confident in themselves and have courage to overcome any kinds of difficulties; it is the reason that they can make themselves into a celebrity and admired by others.

篇三:关于成功的建议 Some Advices about Success

    I have some good advice for your work. If you can do the following things, you will succeed in doing everything.
    Firstly, whatever you do, you must be punctual and hard-working. If you sow a good seed, you will get a good harvest. If the seed is in poor quality, the harvest will also be very bad. And if you sow nothing, you will get nothing at all. Nothing.
    Secondly, you must be honest. As honesty is the moral tuition that everyone should have. If you treat other people friendly and sincerely, others will also respect you.
    Thirdly, you must be tolerant to others, since no one is perfect in the world. Everyone has his own faults, but if you can see everything on other person's perspective, there will be no problem at all.
    What's more, when you are in a big company, you should not only respect the leaders, but also get on well with the colleagues. Sometimes, you should try to please your boss, so that you could have more chances to be promoted.
    Last but not the least, don't ignore the little things, because such a little thing will have a great effect on your life. So you should start yourselves at the bottom, in order to get enough working experience. As you have enough working experience, nothing you will be afraid.